Akida Holdings

Akida Holdings specializes in green air technology and has the exclusive worldwide rights to a unique NASA funded technology “AiroCide”. AiroCide is the only air purifier that completely destroys airborne bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, volatile organic compounds and odors.

AiroCide technology was built for NASA, used in earth orbit and clinically tested by the University of Wisconsin, Texas Tech University and Texas A&M University. The FDA lists AiroCide as a class ll medical device. Simply put, AiroCide had been proven to eliminate virtually 100% of all biological contaminants that enter its system – regardless of size. AiroCide generates no ozone, it never needs cleaning and it uses no filters. Cost effective, energy efficient – and it works.

The AiroCide story began in space. NASA has a problem. Transporting man into deep space has a variety of challenges. Chief among them is a sustainable food supply. But a space garden is more complex that it seems. Why? Because of ethylene gas. In a sealed environment, like a spacecraft, ethylene build-up is toxic. So toxic in fact, that it kills the plants and vegetables it is meant to ripen. And so they turned to science. Their solution was elegant. A unique air purification technology – Photocatalytic Oxidation. Requiring almost no maintenance. Producing no harmful by-products. And using no more power than a few 100-watt light bulbs. From food preservation to health care this technology works.


What’s in your hospitals air? Harmful organisms such as methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin resistant enterococci (VRE) and penicillium aspergillus (a fungi). And that’s just the tip of the germ iceberg. There are many more and they are alive and thriving in many of today’s modern facilities. So what are you going to do about it? There are two ways to tackle the problem. Shield yourself from the germs or eliminate them. AiroCide eliminates virtually all known airborne germs and diseases. The technology is so powerful it even reduces the bio-burden within HEPA and laminar flow environments, which may lower the rate of hospital acquired infections (HAIs).

Food, Floral and Wine:

Protect Food, Flowers, Plants And Wine From Harmful Bacteria, Mold And Volatile Organic Compounds. It’s a fact. Airocide® has been proven to more than double the shelf life of bananas. And it works on berries, stone fruit, and greens as well. Growers, shippers, cold storage facilities and retailers use it around the world. Industry leading grower Esmeralda Farms has deployed it in their seed propagation facility in South America. Del Monte has made it a standard in their avocado rooms. World-class retailers like Whole Foods, SuperValu and Asswaq (UAE) are using it in their stores. Wineries like Opus One, Sawyer and nearly 70 other vintners trust Airocide in their barrel rooms to prevent mold from attacking their fine pressings. And world-class distributors like Arteflor and Coflores in Madrid depend on Airocide .Yet Airocide is still one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. And now you know it.